"An invaluable resource to support the EYFS Curriculum"

EYFS Baseline

EarlyLearn Baseline is included FREE with all Premium subscriptions. 

EarlyLearn baseline assesses : nursery rhyme recognition, initial sounds, rhyming, letter recognition, letter sounds, writing, numbers 0-20, counting, addition, subtraction, colours, tall/short, long/short, big/small, positional language and shapes.

Some Awesome features of EarlyLearn


All of our software is designed and built with simplicity in mind. We balance the use of animation to ensure that children remain focused on the learning objective.

EarlyLearn is also iPad, mobile, and tablet friendly.


Our software provides continuous feedback to monitor accuracy. This can be used to form both summative and formative assessment.

At a glance, supporting adults can see how well the child is doing and provide support as and when needed.


All of our software is mapped to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and it is suitable for use in both Primary and Nursery settings.

We keep instructional text to a minimum to ensure children of all ages can access the range of resources independently.

The Creators

EarlyLearn was founded by Matt, a primary eLearning specialist, and Kate, a Reception teacher. Together they have 25 (and growing) years of experience. Initially all of our resources were created for Kate to use with her own reception class. The children loved them so much that we wanted to share them with the world!

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